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Wargeeks.net was a web-forum I started when I was a freshman in high school, and is where I learned most of my PHP and web-design. The site was used by my group of friends and grew to have over 500 members at its peak, with nearly half being active. The site hold many memories for me and many of the friend's I made here I am still friends with today. The site eventually grew to have a online radio which a friend would play on, tutorials and discussion about school, and trends on the net. It also had an arcade which tracked users scores on various flash games and displayed a leaderboard for forum members to compete against. Unfortunately the site eventually went down when I went on to College and could no longer maintain the site. There are some snapshots on the Wayback Machine which tell the tale of the classic community. Maybe one day ill bring back the community, however with sites like reddit and social media, I no longer see the need or point for such a community forum, other than for specific niches.