Xbox powered arcade system

Pokerlog is an Android application that was built to track poker-chips. food and other specifics for a client. The code is available on my Github account to compile and run on your android device! Our client requested a mobile application that was able to do the book keeping for poker games he played with a set of friends. The Application was Written for the Android OS in Java using Android Studio. The application stored all data to a local SqLite database and is able to track all chips, side-bets, stars, and food costs for every player as well as output all of the results. The application was never published to the Play store as it was primarily used for our client. I saw it as a great opportunity to learn about android development, Java, and Android Studio.

Features include

  • Ability to add and remove players and store them as contacts
  • Ability to track a pot of money and who has what amount of chips and how much is owed.
  • Ability to track food consumption and who is owed what for food costs
  • Ability to track stars, or wins for side games and side-bets other than poker