Who is Ammar? And why did he get into Computers?


I started computing at a young age when my dad let me play with an old IBM pc running dos to play simple video games such as "Where in time is Carmen San Diego", and "Putt-putt" on MSDOS. I eventually learned how to use a computer and get around using DOS commands. Since then I have been fascinated by computers and was inspired to become the Computer Engineering major that I am today. I am an extremely motivated individual who understands how to manage and complete multiple projects on conflicting timelines. Throughout my college career I have managed to maintain a full time position to help pay for school, as well as be involved with extra curricular activities such as the Computer Science and Engineering club at CSUSB. All of this managed with time to spare for my personal life as well as completing my education as a full time Computer Engineering student. I have been on many projects at CSUSB and worked as a Project Manager for the majority. I understand the kind of work needed to be successful in the fast growing Computer Engineering industry and cannot wait for the next challenge.

What I currently do

I am currently a Hardware Engineering Manager at a company called Qless, In my free time I like to work on personal projects, play video games, and go out with friends and family.

My Technological skills include:

C++, PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS, Linux, Mobile development, Java, Verilog, Matlab, Mentor Graphics, C, Latex, Circuit Design, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Windows/Office, Mac OSX, Penetration Testing, Security Auditing, Networking.